Driving by Deborah Four Fancy Fish and a Maverick  by Gerrie Maverique by Helen caution to the windby Kirsten The Original Maverick Art with Needle and Thread by Diane
Shibori to Ori by Françoise Don't Brand Dan by Kristin Double XY by Karen Square Peg - Round Holes by Brenda The Radical Tulip by Terri Unbranded by Nikki


by Nikki

I have my field of branded cattle and the big unbranded steer.  The lone dissenter in the sea of conformity.  Those were the thoughts I had beginning the process, but in the end it doesn't feel like a rebellious quilt. My quilting style is actually quite Maverick.  I don't follow any of the traditional rules or practices.  I approach the whole process backwards, starting with the the quilting, then adding color and finishing with the piecing.  I skipped the binding.  The whole thing isn't even square and I have loose threads hanging on the edges.  I'm sure I drive the quilt police crazy, or they don't even consider my work a quilt. Even with all that, I don't feel like a Maverick.  How could I feel like a loner with all the support of this group. See more on the blog.

Unbranded by Nikki
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