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Sofia and Martina

by Terry

My almost-two-year-old grandaughter, Sofia, recently got to meet her almost-two-year-old cousin, Martina from Ecuador. During the month-long visit, they spent quite a bit of time at my house. I found the two little chairs that my children had when they were young. Each quickly claimed "her" chair and used them for coloring and for meals, as well as posing for photographs. Several days after Martina and her family returned to Ecuador, Sofia came to spend an afternoon with me. When she spied the little chairs, Sofia looked at them somberly, then went over and patted the seat of one and said, "Martina," a bit wistfully. Then she patted the seat of the other and said, "Sofia." Those little chairs are part of her memory of Martina. See my blogpost for more background details.

Sofia and Martina by Terry
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