Firmament by Deborah Rainbows and Sun Breaks by Gerrie Swimming Pool Reflections by Helen
New World by Kirsten The Creek  by Terry Music from Across the Water by Diane
Droplets by Francoise Water: Sustainer and Destroyer by Kristin On top of the World by Karen
Coriolis by Brenda Splish Splash by Terri Ocean Dreaming by Nikki

Water: Sustainer & Destroyer by Kristin

Life cannot exist without water, yet water has the power to destroy as well. This assemblage is made out of things that are affected by water including paints, water colour pencils and markers. Currently the piece represents the sustaining quality of water. Eventually, I'm pretty sure I'll need to douse it in water and document its demise to show the destructive power. Also so my blog post.

Water: Sustainer and Destroyer by Kristin
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