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Four Fancy Fish and a Maverick

by Gerrie

I was thrilled when my stylist gave me red hair about 10 years ago. It totally fit my personality and made me happy. Recently, I went in to have my monthly hair color done and asked Kevin for something new and edgy, but still in the red zone. We settled on a darker, burgundy red — in the sunlight, it looked a little purple. The next day, we stopped in at a local gallery event. There were 3 long haired gray women talking at the counter. I overheard one of them say, I could never dye my hair purple! I laughed and walked up to the group, as the owner was one of them, and started talking to her. They were all taken aback a bit. That night, I decided that my maverick quilt would be about my hair. See my blogpost for other background.

Four Fancy Fish and a Maverick by Gerrie
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