Theme Series

In the first series (2007-2009), the group explored and interpreted twelve theme words:

This series is the subject of our BOOK! Click on the thumbnails to learn more about each work.

Dandelion Construction by Deborah Obviously Chocolate by Deborah Attached Disconnected by Deborah Firmament by Deborah The Fourth Day by Deborah Cedar and Stone by Deborah Fractal Tree by Deborah She Sits to Dream by Deborah Seeing Through by Deborah Palm by Deborah Passion Flower Interpretation by Deborah Seven Houses Five Trees by Deborah
Ubiquitous by Gerrie Chocolate Love by Gerrie Birds of a Feather by Gerrie Rainbows and Sun Breaks by Gerrie Gilded Pears by Gerrie Rainy Day Shelter by Gerrie Simple Geometry by Gerrie Salvage Chairs by Gerrie Ì Chaluim Cille Fuinneog by Gerrie Pop Art Identity by Gerrie Satin Sheets by Gerrie The Twelves by Gerrie
Where does all the yellow go? by Helen Unsuitable Things by Helen District Six by Helen Swimming Pool Reflections by Helen Blackpool Rocks! by Helen Shelter by Helen Change by Helen Chairs: What if you could not get out of yours? by Helen The Eyes are the Window to the Soul by Helen The Eyes are the What is the telephone code for Kabul? by Helen The Eyes are the Together in Division by Helen The Eyes are the 12N 12W by Helen
There wasn't even time to say goodbye by Kirsten Soft Centre by Kirsten Brunswick Street by Kirsten New World by Kirsten Dappled by Kirsten Everlasting by Kirsten What Were the Odds? by Kirsten Summer Stripes by Kirsten Opportunity by Kirsten Face Value by Kirsten Oh by Kirsten Midwayby Kirsten
Weeds are flowers too by Terry Cacao y canela by Terry Community - ties that bind by Terry The Creek by Terry Japanese Lanterns by Terry A Roof Over My Head by Terry Counting on my fingers by Terry Sofia and Martina by Terry Window of Opportunity by Terry I am more by Terry Passion & Pain by Terry Twelfth of Twelve by Terry
Blowin' in the Wind by Diane Still Life Without Chocolate by Diane All Together Now by Diane Music from Across the Water by Diane Happy Lanterns by Diane First Shelter by Diane Color Counts by Diane The Comfy Chair by Diane Dove in the Window by Diane Latent Color by Diane Crime of Passion by Diane All Hands by Diane
Francoise's Dandelion Love, Chocolate & Patchwork by Francoise Neighbourhood by Francoise Droplets by Francoise Meditation by Francoise Two Snails on a Tree by Francoise Seven by twelve by Francoise Chairs by Francoise Beijing by Francoise Weaving New Threads by Francoise Passion & Colours by Francoise Twelve Quilters by Francoise
Loewenzahn und Pusteblume by Kristin The Marquise de Coetlogon by Kristin Community by Kristin Water: Sustainer and Destroyer by Kristin Night Light by Kristin Shelter from the Storm by Kristin A Malthusian Quilt by Kristin Birthing Stool by Kristin Defenestration by Kristin Perceived Identity by Kristin Lilikoi by Kristin 12 months by Kristin
Summer Scourge by Karen Cocoa Beans by Karen Similar Differences by Karen On top of the World by Karen Enlightenment by Karen Lost City by Karen By the Numbers by Karen Time Out by Karen Man's Darkest Side through the Windows of Hope by Karen Female by Karen Hot Hot Hot by Karen Twelve Women by Karen
Piece de Resistance by Brenda Organic Chocolate by Brenda My People by Brenda Coriolis by Brenda Radiance by Brenda Favela by Brenda Binary Note by Brenda Stacked by Brenda Introspection by Brenda Lost & Found at Fromelles by Brenda Caliente by Brenda Double Six by Brenda
Ferocious Dan by Terri Choco Latte by Terri 12 by 12 Community by Terri Splish Splash by Terri Click by Terri Rooms for Rent by Terri First Grade by Terri Rock-A-Bye Chair by Terri Windows to My Soul by Terri Identity X9 by Terri Kitty Love by Terri Twelve by Twelve: The Board Game by Terri
Dandelion Wine by Nikki Chocolate Desire by Nikki Fiber Art Community - by the inch by Nikki Ocean Dreaming by Nikki Illumination Celebration by Nikki Rhinestone Heels by Nikki Transcendental Curve by Nikki Mom's Hideout by Nikki Day Dreaming by Nikki Simply ME by Nikki Passion Interrupted by Nikki The Kissing Number by Nikki